Go Time - an online Golang date format tool

I’m often frustrated by Go’s syntax for date-time parsing. The docs explain the concept: you write the reference date (January 2nd, 2006 at 3:04:05PM in the MST time zone) in the format you want to parse or print. They provide a few examples, but the only complete list of format parts is in the time package codebase. It’s not really user-friendly.

To make things easier, I wrote a quick webapp that parses Go date-time formats and explains the components. The page also includes a complete list of all the different formats for each part of the string, with explanation. Try it here.

Technologically, there’s no Go involved in this project - the page uses a line-for-line Javascript reimplementation of the Go format-string parser to produce the explanations. The list of symbols and explanations were also taken directly from format.go. In the future I’m planning to port the parser responsible for applying the patterns, so we can have in-browser testing of patterns against example strings.