My name is Alysha Gardner. I’m a non-binary software engineer with a focus on Data and Operations. I’ve worked as an IC and technical lead on projects working with Apache Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Golang, Kubernetes, AWS and Google Cloud. I love learning about databases, OS internals (Windows, Linux and others) and distributed systems.

I’ve delivered many technical presentations to internal audiences and at industry conferences. Some of my past conference presentations include:

  • PyCon Canada 2018 - JWTs Everywhere
  • ApacheCon Big Data NA 2016 - Intro to Kafka
  • DataEngConf NYC 2015 - Intro to Kafka
  • Hadoop Summit San Jose 2014 - Video OCR with MapReduce

In the past I organized the Big Data Ottawa Meetup, and the Ottawa Drones series of hackathons.

Besides technology I enjoy distance running, bike touring and hiking.